Past Events


November 11-14 2021
Suppliant Women at The Gulbenkian Theatre
Canterbury, UK

May 11 2021
Aulos – Talk and Presentation at Guildford Classical Association
Guildford, UK


February 6 2020
Concert with Melinda Maxwell
Birmingham Conservatoire, UK

March 28 2020
Smallpipe Concert as Live Stream on Facebook

August/September 2020
Euterpe Aulos School, Italy


April 4-6 2019
Euripides’ Herakles (Please click on “current”)
Directed by Caleb Simone
At Minor Latham Playhouse, NY, USA
Featuring a full musical score on the aulos performed by Callum Armstrong

April 12 2019
Workshop for smallpipes and house concert in German Town, Maryland, USA

April 27 2019
Concert with aulos and smallpipes at Birmingham Conservatoire, UK

May 7 2019
House concert with smallpipes and aulos

May 18 2019
Record Release Party – Branschke/Armstrong Duo
KühlSpot, Berlin, Germany

May 31 to June 2 2019
Blowout with Branschke/Armstrong Duo and Callum Armstong solo
Tamworth, UK

June 14-16 2019
At Klangrauschtreffen in Hösseringen, Uelzen, Germany
Private piping lessons available!

July 11-14 2019
Chateau d’Ars „Le son continu“ Festival
La Châtre aux Château d’Ars, France

October 15-20 2019
Aulos Reed Workshop
Together with Max Brumberg
Gabriac, France

October 25-27 2019
Bagpipe Ensemble Weekend with the Branschke/Armstrong Duo
With a concert on Saturday
Halsway Manor, UK

November 14-17 2019
Bagpipe course for D and G instruments focusing on groove and articulative ornamentation at Pipenbock
Dreilützow, Germany